The Best Types of Indoor Palm Trees For Decorating

Choosing the Right Indoor Palm Trees

indoor palm treesI spend a lot of time writing blog posts about the different types of palm trees that you can plant outside to create a backyard getaway, however, not everyone may have the funds or space to create such an elaborate backyard retreat.

For those looking to bring the tropical outdoors inside on a much smaller scale, this post on the various types of indoor palm trees is a must read for you.

Why have indoor palm trees

You’ve stumbled upon this page for one reason, you’re trying to decide what type of palm tree you should get for your home.

Though your reasons for wanting an indoor palm tree may vary, here are a few great reasons to consider creating an indoor palm tree paradise:

  1. Decorating. Many restaurants and cafes are trending toward the more natural and clean style which incorporates vegetation into the design of the room. Adding a palm tree to the room really makes for a nice earthy touch that brightens up a room with natural greens.
  2. Health. Not only are plants great for producing oxygen in your home but they also help in filtering out the toxins. In the winter months when the windows are usually closed due to colder outside temperatures, the toxin levels inside homes increases as a result of less circulation. Adding a palm tree to your room can help combat these toxins.
  3. Relaxation. Various naturalists and herbalists believe that the closer you are to nature the better your body is able to relax and share in the energy given off by plants.

Check out these various research articles on the positive impacts of having plants inside your home can have on your body.


When it comes to buying indoor palm trees there are a few things to take into consideration:

Potential height of palm

Probably the biggest consideration when looking to purchase an indoor palm tree is knowing how tall the palm tree will grow. You want to ensure that the palm you are about to spend hundreds of dollars on to place in the corner of your living room with 10ft ceilings doesn’t have maturity height of 20ft+.

Required care and maintenance

Certain palm trees require much more maintenance than others. Taking into account the level of pruning, cleaning up fronds, etc. especially if you’ll have pets and kids around is an important factor in determining which type of indoor palm tree you should get.

Nutrient needs

Palms vary in their origination which means that the climate, soil type, and nutritional needs vary from tree to tree.

With a potted indoor palm tree, it won’t be exposed to the water runoff that it would be exposed to outside which results in it lacking in the nutrients that the runoff would bring to the roots of the palm.

Therefore if you purchase a high nutrient need tree you’ll need to supplement it with fertilization spikes or grains routinely.

Sunlight requirements

Placing a palm in a dark corner of your house away from direct sunlight increases the chances that it won’t survive (unless it’s one of those rare palms that prefers minimal sunlight).

Depending on the type of indoor palm tree you decide to go with, you’ll need to be sure it is placed in a location where it can absorb the suggested sunlight intake needed to survive.

Best Indoor Palm Trees

There are a vast number of indoor palm trees that you could choose from however the following are some of my favorite trees to bring into your home to give it that tropical feel and provide your home with some extra oxygen.

Best Indoor Palm Trees for Sale
Top Five Indoor Palm Trees For Your Home

#1   Areca Palm: This is one of the most common and affordable indoor palm trees you’ll find. They don’t require much attention and can be found at your local nursery, Lowes, or purchased online and shipped to your home. They are also very easy to take care of.

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#2   Pygmy Date Palm: This slow growing palm doesn’t get very tall therefore making it a great indoor plant. It does require a humid climate so adding a humidifier to your home next to the palm will help maintain an atmosphere resembling tropical conditions. Water only when soil is dry to prevent root rot.

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#3   Bamboo Palm: Contrary to the other indoor palm trees listed here, this tree will need to be maintained due to its potential to grow to extreme heights. Simple trimming however can keep the size down. It is however a beautiful palm that is said to bring good luck to your home.

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#4   Sago Palm: This archaic palm tree originates from Japan and dates back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. It is a slow growing palm that needs minimal watering and feeding and can handle a wide range of climates making it the perfect indoor/outdoor palm tree.

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#5   Ponytail Palm: Sometimes referred to as “elephants foot” due to the look of its trunk, this tree grows very slowly and when placed inside the growth is even further hampered. They are easy to maintain and are a fairly hardy tree.

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Artificial Palm Trees For Sale

Indoor Artificial TreeOccasionally it is easier all together to forego the natural palms for ease of maintenance however you will lose out on the health benefits of having a living, toxin filtering tree in your home.

For those who are going for a tropical look but want to do it worry free, buying an artificial indoor palm tree is probably your best bet. Numerous sites sell artificial indoor palm trees however vary in quality.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy indoor palm tree at a cheap price stores like HomeGoods, Marshalls, and Hobby Lobby may be your best bet.

For those willing to spend a bit more for a realistic looking palm tree, ArtificialPlantsandTrees has high quality indoor palm trees that are likely to fool your guests into thinking they are the real deal.


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