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Welcome to Palm Tree Paradise, your guide to finding quality palm trees for sale that will fit your gardening or landscaping project!

If you’re looking for some palm trees for sale to create that perfect backyard getaway this site will guide you through what you need to know to create that vacation like scenery on your own property. You know, the one you can retreat to on a nice 70° weather day to lay in a hammock supported by two massive king palms while sipping sangria or a nice cold beer and swinging back an fourth without a care in the world.

Palm Trees For Sale - Hammock
Backyard topical getaway

Or maybe your reasons for hunting down some palm trees for sale are for a more commercial purpose and you need to add some flare to your business’s property or even to your own property to give it a tropical look. Either way this site can help you with both.

So if you’re here I’m assuming you’ve got a bit of a green thumb and are looking to add a few palm trees to your property yourself, or at least order them yourself as opposed to paying a landscaper to do it. Here you’ll learn about the climates needed to grow hardy palm trees, the most common types, what you should know before buying palm trees, and where you can find palm trees for sale that will deliver them to your doorstep regardless of size.

About Palm Trees

To start, a little educational piece on palm trees; ‘Palm trees’ belong to the Arecaceae botanical family and there are a known 2,600 species of these trees. Most commonly found in tropical climates, palm trees have the most diversity in wet, lowland tropical forests.

Palm trees have a vast amount of uses across the world, some of the most common of which are:

  • Palm oil which is edible

    Palm trees for sale - Palm Basket
    Palm Leaf Baskets
  • Eating dates and coconuts from the palms
  • Landscaping
  • Assist with ecological structuring to prevent land erosion
  • Aesthetics/scenery
  • ‘Coir’ from coconut shells to make rope and other items
  • Leaves are used to package food, make clothes, or make baskets such as the one to the right
  • Carnuba wax is harvested from the Brazilian palm

Shopping for Palm Trees for Sale

Before you start opening your wallet on your hunt for palm trees for sale I recommend first taking into consideration a few aspects in terms of where you will be planting the palm tree. Since you are going to be dishing out some cash it’s important to know what you need to do to prevent your precious palm trees from dying within the first year. Things to consider:

Is the Temperature Right?

First of which is the most important, temperature. If you’re living in Alaska or Northern Maine, I’m sorry to say but you most likely won’t be able to have an outdoor palm tree year round. There are the occasional exceptions where certain species of palm trees may be able to sustain a degree of cold weather which I talk about in my blog post ‘cold weather palm trees’ (European Fan Palm, Cabbage Palm, Needle Palms, and Windmill Palm Tree.)

For the most part though palm trees need tropical weather conditions to really thrive, so that means either high temperatures, humidity, and/or rainfall. Look at the map below to determine if where you live is a viable place to plant outdoor palm trees.

Palm Trees for Sale - USDA Hardiness Zones

To better help you determine which hardiness zone you live in use the search tool below and enter your zip code. This will help you in your search for a palm tree for sale.


Three things your palm tree will need: water, sun, and fertile soil. Without having the optimal conditions for each of these you really won’t be giving your palm tree a good chance at making it throughout the year.


Each palm tree for sale has its own level of necessity in terms of the nutrients needed for it to thrive. Most palm trees will require light, sand-based soil as opposed to compacted soil which can stunt the growth of the tree as well as cause root rot. My recommendation is to ask the seller what type of soil the tree needs to live in.Palm trees for sale - Jobes fertilizer

In many cases your soil may still be lacking the nutrients needed for adequate minerals so using fertilizers can help fill the gaps in nutrients that the soil may lack. A good brand to use is Jobe’s Palm Fertilizer since it has a delayed release and is applied by the spike method applied at the root of the tree.

When fertilizing the tree don’t overdo it, fertilization usually only needs to be done twice a year. The recommendation is to get those two doses in between March and October, as long as it isn’t sooner than 2 months since you planted the tree. Be sure that your palm tree gets enough nitrogen, phosphate, and potash.


When it comes to sunlight most think that the more sun the better, well for some palm trees that may be the case but it definitely isn’t for all. For example trees that need a lot of sun are the famous Bismarck Palm, the Senegal Date Palm, and most others whereas a couple types of palm trees that need partial shade are the Acai Palm, Windmill Palm, and the Flamethrower Palm.

Learn about the sun preference for the tree you wish to buy, knowing this may influence where you place it on your property.


We as humans need it and palm trees certainly do too. If you plan on buying a palm tree make sure you have access to a decent water supply. An article posted in SFGate’s Home & Garden section suggests that when planting a new palm tree you should water it twice a week until the first 18″ of soil are moist. To determine this you can use a ‘moisture meter’.

Usually after 6-8 months have passed the tree’s root structure will be expanded enough to seek out moisture from within the ground. From this point on watering 2-3 times a month. Keep in mind that each palm tree is different so be sure to understand watering requirements for the species you have.

Location on Property

If you’re searching for palm trees for sale I’m assuming you have an idea in your mind where you want it to go. Keep in mind that the size of the tree, just as you and I, will grow. Make sure that where you are planting it isn’t in an area where its growth will cause it to force its way into the path of other non-moveable objects.

This means don’t plant one underneath a garage overhang, by the front steps, or under electrical wires otherwise years down the road you’re going to either have to cut your precious palm tree down or spend some serious money for renovations to your house to make way for the tree’s upward & outward growth.

Now that we’ve got the basics down, lets get into my next post “Where to find a palm tree for sale – Local vs online” where I’ll discuss the advantages to shopping at a local nursery compared to the advantages of shopping online for palm trees for sale.

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